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Free informative webinars

FATV webinars are an excellent resource for busy financial aid professionals to receive up-to-date information and training about important topics. These informative webinars are hosted by experienced industry experts sharing their knowledge to help you achieve your continuing education goals. All FATV webinars are 100% free, so register today!


Financial Literacy: Behavior Speaks Louder Than Words

April 27  |  01:00 - 03:00 PM EDT

There are many ways to introduce financial literacy to our students to encourage an educated and smart approach to spending and borrowing.

Join our 1-hour webinar to:
  • Teach Students how to build a budget and how to plan for the future.
  • Give real examples of the financial debt students will be facing if they are not smart about spending and borrowing now while they’re in school.
  • Arm students to make good financial choices with a lot of information and knowledge.
  • Understand how attitudes and behaviors are key components to being successful with every day financial decisions.


Student Loans Webinar: Inspiring Responsible Borrowing

May 24  |  02:00 - 03:00 PM EDT

Join our 1-hour webinar to review what sensible student borrowing looks like:
  • Understand student debt research:  Learn about proper debt levels and resources for your students.
  • Effective student borrowing communications:  Deepen your students’ understanding of loans through well constructed and timed messaging.
  • Learn about your colleagues' best practices:  Hear how other schools assist students in making wise decisions before it’s too late.


Maximize Your GetAnswers Service

June 13  |  12:00 - 01:00 PM EDT

Join our 1-hour webinar to learn ways to improve the organization and clarity of your website.
  • Organize content for clarity:  Deepen your students’ understanding through well constructed and timed messaging.
  • Use of visuals for engagement:  Strategically insert images and videos.
  • Messaging through storytelling:  Drive your affordability message through income-based student case studies.
  • Tools to enhance connection:  See examples of interactive self-service features and knowledge-based searches.