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We are here to educate students and support financial aid staff.

We are an award-winning publishing company with expertise in financial aid. From our founding in 2003 to today, we have been guided by a singular principle:

Listen to our clients, and provide them world-class service.

We got our start in print publications, working closely with college financial aid offices to develop engaging and colorful financial aid handbooks, tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Our clients told us while they appreciated the printed materials, they had two concerns:

  1. Students struggled to understand the printed text-based materials.
  2. Their schools had no way of tracking whether students had retained or understood the material (student learning outcomes).

This feedback led us to develop Financial Aid TV (FATV).  We launched version 1.0 in October 2005. We took what we had learned over the years publishing printed materials to develop a web-based product that could solve the problems that printed materials could not. In the years since our initial launch, we have continually invested in our product and services, and passed the latest developments, such as our mobile, counseling, and smartplayer platforms, along to our clients.

Today, across the country, our institutional clients are deploying FATV’s proprietary technology (version 6.0 was launched in 2012) and library of engaging online video content to educate students in novel and exciting ways, raising the bar for student outcomes. In the process, they are also streamlining their processes and helping staff become more effective and efficient.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with our school partners.

We work to improve communication of financial aid information to current and prospective students so that they are informed in their decisionmaking when paying for their education. FATV also seeks to create efficiencies for financial aid offices so that they can adequately serve their students in these days of limited budgetary resources.

We continually push ourselves as a company to improve our processes and our technology, so that our partners can benefit. Central to this is our commitment to world-class customer service so that we thoroughly understand the needs of our partner schools and continually exceed their expectations.